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globeDielectrics, Conformal Coatings, and Encapsulants

Do you need a crossover dielectric? Or a dielectric that features superior printability and UV curing on treated or untreated films? Applied Ink Solutions can help. Our UV curable dielectric coatings and encapsulants are an ideal solution when you require high strength, toughness, flexibility, and natural moisture resistance. UV cured and thermal dry products from Applied Ink Solutions include dielectrics, conformal coatings, encapsulants, and fluorescing dielectrics.

Dielectrics for High-Tech Applications

Dielectrics, conformal coatings, and encapsulants from Applied Ink Solutions feature outstanding adhesion to polyester films, copper and difficult substrates, and are compatible with our entire line of conductive inks.

Application Methods

Printing methods available for products include screen, gravure and pad printing, as well as dipping, rolling, knife over roll and curtain coating.

Typical applications for Dielectrics, Conformal Coatings, and Encapsulants include:

  • Printed insulation layers for circuits
  • Overprint layer for carbon/graphite shielding layers
  • Component encapsulation
  • Printed circuit board protection
  • Fluorescent markers visible under UV light

How Applied Ink Solutions Offers More - Custom Formulations, Competitive Prices, Global Reach

With our in-house manufacturing and lab capabilities we can formulate the right product for your unique application while offering the service that makes a difference for your company.

To learn more about dielectrics, conformal coatings, and encapsulant products, review our product matrix. If a custom solution is more suitable for your applications, our experts are just a phone call away.

Applied Ink Solutions Product Matrix