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globeRadio Opaque Inks byApplied Ink Solutions

Solvent Based, Heat Dried Inks for Imaging Applications

Radio opaque inks are designed for printing tags or reference points that are visible when exposed to X-ray, MRI or other fluorescing or imaging equipment. The inks are used to print adhesive skin patches or topical tags, or imprinted onto surgical devices, tools or other items requiring tracking.

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Applied Ink Solutions offers radio opaque inks for use as a visual reference with medical diagnostic devices such as X-ray, MRI, and CT.

All of our radio opaque inks are formulated to provide strong and flexible adhesion to a wide variety of substrates including paper, glass, metal, and plastic substrates that require bending or flexing. Radio opaque inks from Conductive Compounds can also be over-printed with protective inks and coatings and are compatible with Parylene overcoats.

RO-948 allows for fast curing and flexible, durable, and reliable performance on numerous substrates

Radio opaque inks can be applied in a number of ways, including screen printing, high speed roller printing, coating, and dipping. They can also be applied via manual processes such as a brush or syringe.

Full Compatibility with Other Products
Radio opaque inks are compatible with our silver conductive inks, carbon resistive inks, silver conductive epoxy adhesives, UV curable encapsulants, and conformal coatings.

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