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globePotting and Staking Compounds

Featuring Volume Resistivity from 1 x 1013Ω-cm to <1.0 x 1014Ω-cm

When your applications require potting to protect vital components against shock, vibration, moisture and corrosion, Applied Ink Solutionsoffers a solution for virtually every application and production requirement.

How You Benefit with Applied Ink Solutions

  • Extensive lab capabilities
  • Custom formulation
  • Personal service
  • Global support
  • Low minimum order quantities
  • Quick turnaround

With the ability to custom manufacture exactly what you need, Applied Ink Solutionscan confidently provide the potting or staking compound that is best suited for your application. Contact us today to discuss your application needs or use this simple form for more information.

Custom Compounds for Faster Production & Better Products

Applied Ink Solutions can easily modify the cure speed, working time, or rheology of our staking epoxies and potting compounds to suit your unique production process.

With our extensive in-house capabilities, these customizations can be made without sacrificing our competitive pricing or short lead times – resulting in your optimized production and a better end-product.

Potting and Staking Compounds, Tailored to Your Application:

  • Potting thermocouples, thermistors, and assemblies
  • Attaching components or assemblies to heat sinks
  • Moisture protection
  • Protection against thermal or mechanical shock
  • Staking and anchoring components
  • Encapsulating

Contact us today for your custom formulations.

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