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globeOrgaconTM Clear Conductive Inks by AGFA

When you need clear conductive inks for printing on a flexible substrates, OrgaconTM inks are the right choice. Their flexible properties make these inks the ideal solution on flexible and rigid substrates for capacitive touch screens, electroluminescent lamps, and membrane switch electrodes. Transparent structures or flood coated prints can be made to a resolution of 100 microns. For visual light transmission (VLT), very thin layers will be clear and thicker layers will have a slight blue tint. The conductivity will vary based on your design for the thickness of the print or coated layer, which allows for customizing the printed structures to meet your requirements.

OrgaconTM inks can be used on substrates such as PET, PC, PMMA, PI and glass. They provide the flexibility not found with traditional ITO substrates, and can also be printed on substrates that will go through a thermoforming process. Unlike ITO, there are less processing steps, adhesion is not an issue and OrgaconTM inks are flexible, not breakable. They also give high opto-electrical performance. OrgaconTM inks are screen printed using polyester mesh and have good adhesion with other materials. There are several OrgaconTM products in the product line, and to find the right product meet your needs Click Here.

Applied Ink Solutions has partnered with AGFA to distribute the OrgaconTM Clear Conductive Screen-Printing Inks in the United States. Call us today at 603-595-6221, ext. 304 or email sales@appliedinksolutions.com.

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