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globeInks for Medical Applications

Applied Ink Solutions offers a variety of functional inks used on printed medical components. Our silver conductive inks, carbon inks, silver conductive epoxies and dielectrics are found on printed membrane switches that control equipment and other applications requiring low voltage electric current.

Silver/silver chloride inks are used for disposable medical sensors, defibrillator pads, EKG pads and EEG pads. Depending on your requirements, the ratio of silver to silver chloride can be adjusted for a custom blended ink.

Radio opaque inks enable the tagging of images created with X-ray and MRI imaging technologies. RO-593 Radio Opaque Ink is designed for use with MRI imaging and is available in an opaque white color or can be pigmented. For X-ray imaging, use RO-948, a gray tungsten-based ink.

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