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globeConductive Epoxy, Staking Materials, and Potting Compounds Supplier

If you need a conductive epoxy supplier that meets your performance and production requirements, Applied Ink Solutions can help.

We offer a wide range of epoxies and inks for the global electronics assembly market, with the in-house ability to create custom formulations for specific application requirements.

Common Applications for Epoxies, Staking Materials, and Potting Compounds

  • Component or wire attachment
  • Potting electro/mechanical assemblies
  • Component termination
  • Component staking
  • Low temperature solder replacement
  • And other assemblies…

Printing and Curing Epoxies, Staking Materials, and Potting Compounds

Products are applied by various methods, including screen printing, dot dispensing, manual dispensing, or stencil print. Innovative CC-Pak packaging of two-part epoxy makes mixing easier and minimizes waste, and we have low minimum order quantities. They can be either heat or room temperature cured, depending on the product.

Conductive Epoxy From Standard to Custom

Our product lines include both two-part and one-part conductive silver epoxy products, potting compounds, and staking materials to suit a variety of applications.

Some of our customers need to rely on custom solutions. Our extensive experience formulating custom materials provides manufacturers around the world with the certainty that there are products to meet their functional electronic requirements.

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