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globeConductive Coatings

Conductive coatings are frequently used to shield sensitive electronic components from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) from both the device itself and from surrounding interference.

Applied Ink Solutions is a long-time producer of high performance conductive coatings used in numerous high tech applications and industries around the world. With superior products, personnel, service, and custom formulating capabilities, Applied Ink Solutions is well-prepared to provide the coatings your applications and production requirements call for.

Conductive coatings are available as carbon resistive inks or silver conductive inks, depending on the application requirements.

Why Choose Applied Ink Solutions:

  • Custom formulating
  • Extensive laboratory capabilities
  • Personal service
  • Technical support

Conductive Coating For Anti-Static Coatings for Paper, Cardboard, Wood, and Plastic

For creating an anti-static coating or saturant for paper, cardboard, wood, urethane, foam, metal, and most plastic substrates, our Antistat-268, WB-1078 Water-Based Silver Conductive Ink and C-808 Conductive Carbon Coating are ideal, while offering outstanding adhesion, toughness, and flexibility and applied by dipping, roller coating, and spraying.

Coatings are frequently used to saturate urethane foam, making them ideal for shipping static-sensitive electronic components, assemblies, and hardware.

When additional hardness and durability are needed, a small amount of cross-linking agent may be added.

Surface resistivity for conductive coatings varies by product and functional requirements:

  • C-808 water-based carbon coating surface resistivity: <30 Ω/square /mil
  • Antistat-268 water-based carbon coating surface resistivity : <10,000 Ω/square/ mil
  • WB-1078 water-based silver conductive ink surface resistivity: < .025 Ω/square/ mil

Custom Solutions from Applied Ink Solutions.

What makes Applied Ink Solutions unique is our commitment to provide quick delivery, cutting-edge products, and reliable technical assistance. If one of our standard materials does not meet the functional requirements for your particular application, let us find a solution that will. Contact us today to discuss your product and manufacturing process, or to order sample coatings.

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