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Providing specialty materials used to manufacture printed electronic products, rigid and flex circuits, and for EMI/RFI shielding and thermal management of electromechanical assemblies.


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Anisostropic Ink

Z-904: UV Curable Anisotropic Ink


Antistat Packaging

Circuit and Electromechanical Assembilies

EL Panels and LED Lighting

Medical Devices

Membrane Switches

Printed Heaters and Thermal Targets

RFID and Cell Phone Antennas

Solar Panel Applications

Surface Mount Component Attachments

Touch Screens

Barium Titanate Dielectric Ink

BT-101: Barium Titanate Dielectric

Carbon Inks

C-200: Carbon Resistive Ink

Clear Conductive Inks

OrgaCon: Clear Conductive Inks

OrgaCon: Clear Conductive Inks by AGFA

Conductive Coatings

ANTISTAT-268: Water Based Carbon Resistive Coating

C-808: Highly Conductive Water Based Coating

Conductive Epoxies

EP-600: Two-Part Silver Conductive Epoxy

EP-799: Black Potting Compound


FAQs - Conductive Adhesives and Encapsulants

FAQs - Conductive Inks

FAQs - Dielectrics

FAQs - Orgacon ™ Clear Conductive Inks

FAQs - Screening and Drying Conductive Inks

Technical Bulletins

Phosphor Binder

PH-745 Phosphor Binder

Potting Compounds

Radio Opaque Inks

RO-593: Radio Opaque Ink

RO-948: Radio Opaque Ink

Silver/Silver Chloride Ink

AGCL-675: Silver/Silver Chloride Ink

Silver-Filled Conductive Inks

AG-500A: Silver Conductive Ink

AG-510: Silver Conductive Ink

AG-919: Heat Stable Silver Ink

AG-1074: Silver Conductive Ink

Z-904: UV Curable Anisotropic Ink

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Carbon Inks
Whether your requirement is for a specific drying time, resistivity, or compatibility with a particular substrate, we are confident that Applied Ink Solutions can provide the right solution – whether it is a standard product or custom formulated ink or coating.

Conductive Coatings
Conductive coatings are used to shield sensitive electronic components from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI) from both the device itself and from surrounding interference.

Conductive Epoxies
If you need an epoxy that meets your performance and production requirements, Applied Ink Solutions can help. We offer a wide range of epoxies and inks for the global electronics assembly market, with the in-house ability to create custom formulations for specific application requirements.

Dielectric Inks
With extensive lab capabilities and years of industry experience, Applied Ink Solutions differentiates itself from other dielectric manufacturers with our ability to quickly and effectively provide dielectric tailored to your specific application needs and manufacturing processes.

Inks for Medical Applications
Applied Ink Solutions offers a variety of functional inks used on printed medical components. Our silver conductive inks, carbon inks, silver conductive epoxies and dielectrics are found on printed membrane switches that control equipment and other applications requiring low voltage electric current.

Potting and Staking Compounds
When your applications require potting to protect vital components against shock, vibration, moisture and corrosion, Applied Ink Solutions offers a solution for virtually every application and production requirement.

Radio Opaque Inks
Radio opaque inks are designed for printing tags or reference points that are visible when exposed to x-ray, MRI or other fluorescing or imaging equipment. The inks are used to print adhesive skin patches or topical tags, or imprinted onto surgical devices, tools or other items requiring tracking.

Silver Inks
Customers rely on our extensive knowledge and understanding of polymers, fillers, manufacturing methods, and applications to quickly deliver functional inks that accommodate their unique manufacturing needs.

Specialty Inks
At Applied Ink Solutions, we combine years of experience with lab capabilities that enable us to custom formulate functional inks, epoxies, coatings or dielectrics for virtually any application, production environment, and substrate.

UV Curable Products
Do you need a crossover dielectric? Or a dielectric that features superior printability and UV curing on treated or untreated films? Applied Ink Solutions can help. Our UV curable dielectric coatings and encapsulants are an ideal solution when you require high strength, toughness, flexibility, and natural moisture resistance. UV cured products from Applied Ink Solutions include dielectrics, conformal coatings, encapsulants, and fluorescing dielectrics.

Specialty Inks

Specialty Inks and Coatings

UV Curable Inks

UV-1006S: UV Curable Dielectric

UV-2530: UV Curable Matte Dielectric

UV-2531: UV Curable Glossy Dielectric

UV-3010: UV Curable Coating/Encapsulant


Conductive Compounds and NTERA

Conductive Compounds Formable Conductive Inks

IPC New Management Council

ISO Certificate 9001:2008 Registered

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AGCL-675: Silver/Silver Chloride Ink

EP-600: Two-Part Silver Conductive Epoxy

RO-593: Radio Opaque Ink




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