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Kuster and New Hampshire Business Leaders Call for Reauthorization of Export-Import Bank to Save Granite State Jobs.

Congresswoman Annie Kuster (center).
Sam Pollard, General Manager of Conductive Compounds (center right with the red tie with blue shirt)

NASHUA – On Monday, July 7, 2014 Congresswoman Annie Kuster (NH-02) joined with local New Hampshire business owners and leaders at BAE Systems in Nashua to call for the reauthorization of the U.S. Export-Import Bank, which is set to expire at the end of September. Many New Hampshire businesses rely on support from the Bank in order to create jobs for Granite State workers, so reauthorization is important to the state’s economic success.

The Export-Import Bank provides risk protection, capital, and other support to help American companies export their goods overseas. In recent years, the Export-Import Bank has supported over $350 million in exports from New Hampshire companies.

“The U.S. Export-Import Bank provides crucial support for dozens of New Hampshire businesses that rely on it for their success,” said Congresswoman Kuster. “As evident from the stories we heard from our local business leaders during our discussion, Congress must act to immediately reauthorize the Bank. Without it, these businesses will lose crucial support for exporting their goods, which will hurt their job creation efforts and negatively impact our state’s economy. I look forward to sharing the stories I heard from these business leaders with my colleagues in Congress, and I urge the House to immediately reauthorize this program which is so vital to our state’s businesses.”

During the discussion, Kuster heard from more than a dozen New Hampshire business leaders, including representatives from BAE Systems, Conductive Compounds, Centorr Vacuum Industries, The Mountain, Boyle Energy Systems, Firebrand International, and Arc Energy, who emphasized the importance of re-authorizing the Bank to bolster their own job creation efforts and boost the Granite State economy. Congresswoman Kuster was also joined at the event by representatives from the Export-Import Bank, the Department of Commerce, and the NH International Trade Resource Center.

Without the programs provided by the Export-Import Bank, many New Hampshire businesses would lose out on valuable exporting opportunities, reducing employment opportunities for New Hampshire families. Kuster believes we cannot put the livelihood of our workers at risk by failing to reauthorize an exporting program on which so many New Hampshire businesses rely.

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