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Conductive Compounds and NTERA Team Up to Promote Solutions for Printed Electronics Applications

Hudson, N.H. and Radnor, Pennsylvania, USA ― June 14, 2011 ― NTERA, the developer of all-printed, color changing NanoChromics™ display technologies, and Conductive Compounds, a leading manufacturer of specialty materials for printed electronics and electronic assembly industries, announced today that they have entered into a co-marketing agreement to promote their compatible materials and inks. Conductive Compounds, Inc. will be showcasing examples of NTERA’s technology at the 2011 SGIA Printed Electronics and Membrane Switch Symposium June 14 to 16 in San Jose, California.

NTERA’s proprietary NanoChromics Inks provide a unique combination of high resolution patterning, low power capability and cost effective integration through an all-printed manufacturing process. These features enable NanoChromics Displays (NCD’s) to be integrated into a variety of products and novel form factors such as membrane switches, portable sensor systems and packaging.

Conductive Compounds product portfolio includes electrically conductive inks, conductive adhesives, dielectrics, conformal coatings and other specialty materials supporting a variety of printing, curing and assembly processes. Other services include custom formulations and analysis supported by an expansive state of the art laboratory.

The companies have demonstrated the interoperability of Conductive Compounds' silver inks and NTERA’s NanoChromics printed display technology. The collaboration will seek to extend both companies' positions as suppliers to the printed electronics industry by emphasizing the benefits of printed systems and advanced flexible form factors in applications such as medical devices, sensor systems, membrane switches and smart packaging.

NTERA is the leading developer of advanced, fully printable electrochromic materials enabling display and color change applications for Smart Cards, Smart Packaging, and Smart Objects. NTERA's NanoChromics™ Ink Systems enable very low cost manufacturing of printed electronic displays on a variety of flexible substrate materials using industry standard printing techniques and equipment. These ultra-thin, sunlight-readable, low power NCD™ displays can be integrated into any number of products, including plastic cards, packaging, smart labels, RFID systems, and security printing applications. NTERA is based in suburban Philadelphia, PA, USA, with research and development facilities in Dublin, Ireland.

About Conductive Compounds
Conductive Compounds, Inc., founded in 1994, is a worldwide provider of materials for the electronics industry. CCI specializes in electrically conductive and resistive inks and coatings, electrically conductive and thermally conductive adhesives, potting compounds, ultraviolet-cured dielectrics, encapsulants and conformal coatings, radio opaque inks, silver and silver chloride inks, PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) carbon heater inks mechanical abrasion resistant precision carbon inks and pressure sensitive Variable Resistive transducer inks. CCI’s materials are used to manufacture membrane switches, EL (Electroluminescent) panels, touch screens, EKG and EEG medical sensors, cell phone and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) antennas, rigid and flex circuits, printed heaters, solar panels, and for EMI/RFI (Electromagnetic Interference/Radio Frequency Interface) shielding and thermal management of electromechanical assemblies. For further information, call 1-603-595-6221.

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Carolee Dalton
Conductive Compounds Inc.

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