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Anisotropic Inks

Z-904: UV Curable Anisotropic Ink

Carbon Inks and Coatings

ANTISTAT-268: Water Based Carbon Resistive Coating

C-200: Carbon Resistive Ink

C-808: Highly Conductive Water Based Coating

HTC-300: High Temperature Carbon Ink

Clear Conductive Inks

OrgaCon: Clear Conductive Inks

Dielectrics & Encapsulants

BT-101: Barium Titanate Dielectric

UV-772:UV Curable Fluorescing Dielectric

UV-1006S: UV Curable Dielectric

UV-2530: UV Curable Matte Dielectric

UV-2531: UV Curable Glossy Dieletric

UV-2560:UV Curable Matte Dielectric

UV-3010:UV Curable Coating/Encapsulant


EP-600: Two-Part Silver Conductive Epoxy

EP-671: Two-Part Staking Epoxy

EP-799: Potting Compound

EP-600: Silver Epoxy Mixing Procedure

Phosphor Binder

PH-745 Phosphor Binder

Radio Opaque Ink

RO-593:Radio Opaque Ink

RO-948: Radio Opaque Ink

Silver/Silver Chloride Ink and Epoxy

AGCL-675: Silver/Silver Chloride Ink

Silver Inks

AG-500A: Silver Conductive Ink

AG-510: Silver Conductive Ink

AG-530: Flexible Silver Conductive Ink

AG-594: Silver Conductive Ink

AG-610: Silver Conductive Ink

AG-800: Silver Conductive Ink

AG-800TH: Silver Conductive Ink

AG-919: Heat Stable Silver Ink

AG-1074: Silver Conductive Ink

WB-1078: Water Based Silver Conductive Ink

Applied Ink Solutions Product Matrix