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globeMedical Devices

Surface Resistivity: < 75 mΩ/square/mil


  • Disposable EKG and EEG electrodes
  • Defibrillator pads
  • Medical sensors


  • Silver to silver chloride ratios can be adjusted
  • Screen print, dip or thin for gravure print
  • Smooth surface finish
  • Can be blended for different resistance values
  • Excellent adhesion & crease resistance to polyester & plastic substrates

Download the AGCL-675 data sheet.

Surface Resistivity: 2.9 x 1013 Ω/square


  • Printed visual references for X-ray, MRI, CT or other imaging equipment


  • Smooth finish
  • Can be colored
  • Fast drying
  • Screen, gravure, flexographic or pad printable
  • Can apply by brush or syringe
  • Compatible with Parylene overcoats

Download the RO-593 data sheet.


  • Visual reference tags for use with devices exposed to X-ray and other imaging technologies


  • Smooth finish printing
  • Gray Color
  • Can be applied by screen, pad, high speed roll printing processes, coating, dipping, and manual processing (for prototypes)

Download the RO-948 data sheet.

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